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How Do I Clean The Filters?

General Cleaning

Determine if your range hood uses baffle filters or mesh filters. (For replacement charcoal filter options, please visit this page.)

Most filters can be placed in the dishwasher at low heat or short cycle using a non-phosphate detergent. Be sure there are no other items in the dishwasher, the filter can catch food residue. Please note: Discoloration of the filter may occur if using phosphate detergents, or as a result of local water conditions – but this will not affect filter performance. This discoloration is not covered by the warranty.

Filters can also be washed by hand with warm water and a non-phosphate degreasing detergent such as Dawn. Soak the filter for 1 to 2 hours and rinse with water. Allow filter to completely air dry before re-installing the filter and using the range hood.

Filters that are not cleaned regularly and have grease build up may require replacement.

You can order filters from our Parts & Accessory Store.

Mesh Filter Clean Reminder

Related to ICON Touch, Mesh Filter Clean Reminders are always enabled:

  • After 30 hours of fan usage, the Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 8.40.53 AM.pngbutton indicator will begin to slowly blink indicating it is time to clean the mesh filters.
  • To reset: With the hood off, hold the Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 8.40.53 AM.png button for three seconds. All LED indicators will blink two times confirming the 30 hour timer has been reset.

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