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PBD-1300B Dual Blower Installation Instructions

Should you desire to install dual blowers onto your range hood with PBD-1300B, please watch the video and follow the instructions below:

  1. Open PBD-1300B and have all components available for dual blower installation.
  2. Remove baffle filters and duct covers from range hood.
  3. Remove both wiring hole covers by (2) screws each.
  4. Disconnect the blower plug and white and black power cables.
  5. Remove (4) screws from the interior of the hood body attaching the single blower plate to the top of the hood body. Remove single blower and single blower plate.
  6. Remove (4) screws attaching single blower to single blower plate.
  7. Attach the original hood blower and PBD-1300B blower onto the dual blower plate by (4) screws each.
  8. Position the dual blower bracket with the dual blowers into the hood body as shown. Make sure to tuck the dual blower plate into blower plate tabs. Secure the dual blower bracket by (4) screws.
  9. Attach 10” round blower collar on top of the hood body by (4) M4x8 screws.
  10. Open both component boxes by (4) screws each.
  11.  Secure PBD-1300B component box to electronics bracket by (4) screws.
  12. Thread both blower wires through the hood body wiring holes. Connect the 9-pin blower plugs and black single pin power cables together from both blowers.
  13. Secure the wires to hood body with the wiring hole covers by (2) screws each.
  14. Locate loose white power wire with female spade connector from the main control board and attach it to the PBD-1300B control board.
  15. Connect the 5-pin white male connector from PBD-1300B control board to the 5-pin female connector leading from the range hood’s switch assembly. Do not connect the 5-pin female connector to the PBD-1300B control board.
  16. Secure the (3) ground wires together by (1) screw. The ground wires are from the electrical box and each control board.
  17. Secure both control boards back to the component box by (4) screws each.
  18. Secure the electrical box by (2) screws.
  19. Secure the electrical bracket to hood body by (2) screws.
  20. Install baffle filters and duct covers back onto the hood.
  21. Power on the range hood and test if dual blower installation was successful.


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