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Which Zephyr Hood models are compatible with the Zephyr Connect app?

The following Zephyr range hoods models are compatible with the Zephyr Connect App:

ALU Lux Connect Island

  • Models ALU-E43CSX, ALU-E43CWX, ALU-E63CSX, and ALU-E63CWX

AK73 Tidal I Under-Cabinet

  • Models AK7300AS and AK7336AS

AK74 Tidal II Wall

  • Models AK7400AS, AK7436AS, and AK7448AS

AK94 Monsoon Connect Insert

  • Models AK9428BS, AK9434BS, AK9440BS, and AK9446BS

ZMI Milano Wall

  • Models ZMI-M90CS and ZMI-M90CG

ZML Milano Island

  • Models ZML-M90CG, ZML-M90CS, ZML-E42CG, and ZML-E42CS

ZNA Napoli Island

  • Models ZNA-M90DS and ZNA-E42DS

ZVE Venezia Wall

  • Models ZVE-E30DS, ZVE-E36DS and ZVE-E42DS

Please check the product specification sheet to ensure compatibility.

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