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Where Can I Find My Model Number And Serial Number?

Finding your Range Hood model and serial number

The Model Number is an 8 – 10-digit number categorizing your hood. For example: AK7500BS or ZLU-M90BS.

The Serial Number is a 7 – digit number followed by three letters. For example: 1234567ABC.

There are two options for finding the Model Number and Serial Number:

  • Range and vent hoods with removable residue cups – remove the right residue cup, behind it on a white sticker will be the model number and serial number. Find-Your-Part-4.jpeg
  • All models with a filter – remove the filters, inside the body of the hood there will be a white sticker or foil label with the model number and serial number.Find-Your-Part-3.jpegFind-Your-Part-2.jpeg

Finding your Wine or Beverage Cooler model and serial number

Locate your model number on a white label on the back of the cooler, or inside the unit in the lower front corner.Find your cooler 1.jpeg

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