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How do I sync the remote control to the Range Hood?

Synchronization: to create a unique link between the range hood and the remote control use the following steps:

Instructions for this remote:

  • With the range hood off, press and hold the “Power” and “Delay Off” buttons on the remote for 4 seconds until the “Delay Off” indicator on the hood illuminates.
  • Press the “Delay Off” button on the hood within 4 seconds to confirm the link. If successful, the Delay Off” indicator will blink 3 times.
  • The synchronization is complete.

If you have this remote:

  • With range hood off, press and hold the “Lights” button on the range hood until:
    • Option 1: The letter “F” shows on the display screen.
    • Option 2: The LCD screen blinks on and off.
  • Press the “Lights” button on the remote. The lights on the hood will turn on.
  • The synchronization is complete.

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