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How Do I Remove A Light Bulb To Replace It?

CAUTION: Light bulbs become extremely hot when turned on.

DO NOT touch the bulb until switched off and cooled. Touching hot bulbs could cause serious burns.

Make sure all power is turned off from the circuit breaker and bulbs are not hot. 

If you own a range hood from our Core Collection:

  • Wear a rubber-type glove and apply enough upward pressure from the base of your palm and turn your hand counter-clockwise. This will loosen the bulb which can then be unscrewed with your hand.
  • To access the light bulb socket directly you will need to remove the filter. A diffuser panel just past the filter may need to be removed to access the socket. This can be done by removing a few screws and taking out the panel. From here you can unscrew the light bulb.

For GU10 style lights:

  • Remove by turning bulb counter clockwise.
    • HINT: The bulb does not unscrew; it turns 60 degrees, stops and falls out. If bulbs are difficult to turn due to prolonged use, firmly attach the suction cup included in the hardware package or use a rubber/latex glove to turn counter clockwise.

CAUTION REMINDER: Check that the bulbs are cold to the touch and the power to the hood is turned off from the circuit breaker prior to doing any service work.

You can order replacement light bulbs from our Parts & Accessory Store.

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